Mar 09

Work Remotely the new norm

Remote work or telecommuting as it was originally coined is not a new concept. The Economist magazine published an article in 1974 predicting the possibility of such a work arrangement, “As there is no logical reason why the cost of telecommunication should vary with distance, quite a lot of people by the late 1980s will telecommute daily to their London offices while living on a Pacific island if they want to.”

Roughly 30 years later the idea of telework would achieve mass adoption as broadband access increased for large portions of the population in the early to mid-2000s. Greater internet connectivity also coincided with a reduction in the cost of laptops and desktops allowing, “traditional office work” to be done from non-traditional office sites”.

The potential benefits of working remotely has been well documented in various studies commissioned by companies and governments alike. These benefits include reduction in carbon footprints as less workers are commuting daily, decreased cost in commercial real estate for businesses (reduction in square footage of required office space) and better work/personal life balance for those with young families.

With the recent spread of the new coronavirus, a period of remote work is becoming increasingly likely. Many companies and countries are requesting that individuals work from home to assist with reducing the spread of the virus. However, for some organizations that lack the technology infrastructure necessary to work remotely, continuing with business as usual will be a challenge.

Dell as a technology innovator has prided itself on encouraging remote work for many years. Dell published a report in 2016 highlighting the benefits of a telework policy. Dell offers a unified endpoint management solution that allows IT administrators the ability to securely deliver and manage any app on any device with VMware Workspace ONE. Dell also has an extensive catalog of products that will keep your team productive, connected and secure wherever they are located..

Interested in learning more? Then click on the Dell Technologies Showcase  and select Workforce Transformation to view some of the options available for remote workers. Remote work does not have to mean the end of productivity, contact us today for a detailed discussion on possible solutions.