Nov 20

Unleash the Power of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Financial institutions have complicated needs. These organizations are often large with a considerable number of users and systems spread across various locations. Finance professionals operate in a heavily regulated industry adhering to strict regulatory guidelines that mandate the highest level of data protection and auditing. In many situations, workstations are shared, or employees may use two to three laptops, tablets or smartphones throughout the day.

The variety of endpoints can be a challenge for maintaining security and providing the necessary flexibility for end users to work remotely.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can enable your workforce to remain productive while helping to solve security issues and streamline IT costs and management.  

What is VDI? Virtual desktop infrastructure is the process of hosting desktop applications within a virtual machine (VM) located on a centralized server or servers. Users can access all the information stored on the server via any computer or device anywhere they have an internet connection.

The cost saving benefits, and security advantages are clear. VDI with its centralized management allows finance institutions to conserve resources on support staff. Firms can partner with a managed service provider paying only for what they need rather than keeping full-time staff. 

The centralized nature of VDI ensures that software upgrades and patches are rolled out within a single instance via the IT team applying changes to the baseline image. All employees using a virtual desktop environment will simultaneously receive the updated image. IT personnel can easily protect against theft, audit the infrastructure and control a security incident if it arises. Sensitive information is stored in a safe data center and the workloads utilizing the data are kept in secure servers. Additionally, IT teams do not have to spend time and money traveling to multiple locations to resolve driver and application issues.

There are also significant savings regarding hardware. Finance professionals require modern hardware with sufficient memory and security features. VDI offers the ability to transform workstations into thin client terminals with the processing power for the terminals located in the back-end server. This saves time and effort in maintaining each individual terminal because only the server requires upkeep.

BMG can assist you in the transition to a virtual desktop infrastructure with our managed services and Dell thin clients. Not sure where to start? Then speak with us now.