Nov 20

Seeking Enterprise Data Protection for a Mid-sized Organization or Branch Office? BMG has your Solution!

Mid-sized organizations are presently faced with conditions traditionally associated with larger enterprises. The difficuties mainly concern increased complexity such as – exponential data growth, upsurge in number of users, diversity of applications and resource constraints. Addressing these issues would normally warrant having to buy, integrate and manage a variety of disparate systems. Bermuda Microsystems Group can offer you a solution that is the perfect mix of simplicity and power.

Introducing the new Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance DP4400.

The IDPA DP4400 is a pre-configured turnkey backup solution that combines protection storage and software, search analytics, simplified management and cloud storage preparedness in a single appliance.  It supports the largest application ecosystem, shortens backup windows by 2x, requires 98% less bandwidth and supports 7x more backup streams.  

Optimized for environments using VMware technologies. Administrators can protect up to 5x more VMs and provide faster VMware backups and recoveries than competitive 2U systems.

The IDPA DP4400 delivers the industry’s lowest cost-to-protect costing up to 80% less to protect and safeguarding up to 4x more data in one 2U appliance with an average rate of 55:1 deduplication.

Long-term archiving requirements? DP4400 also has you covered. With native Cloud Tier for long-term retention, you can protect up to 14.4PB of data. Cloud disaster recovery troubles? The IDPA offers efficient and cost-effective native Cloud Disaster Recovery to Amazon AWS with end-to-end orchestration-failover in 3 clicks, and failback in 2 clicks – all without the need for additional hardware.  

Speak with us today and gain operational efficiencies and enterprise grade features for your mid-sized organization or branch office.