Aug 29

Office 365 and Security 101

Microsoft Office 365 has a rapid adoption rate because of its popular productivity tools like Excel, Word, Outlook etc. These benefits do not come without certain issues particularly as it relates to security. Anyone using O365 will notice the constant updates needed for regular Microsoft patching all due to security issues. The demands of this for IT administrators is huge as the task can be across different users, networks, offices and time zones. This is where the cloud features of O365 truly are efficient. The solution sits between the user and Microsoft’s O365 internet cloud subscription, offering endless features including security protection.

Integrated into O365 is Microsoft Defender which includes comprehensive protection on many levels, depending on users’ needs. Security is a complex topic, but O365 Defender has a multi-layered stack that small companies should be aware of. Your IT Admin should be able to explain the capabilities from prevention to awareness, and training.

Holistic view of threat protection

Diagram above and bullet points from Microsoft’s web site : Microsoft Defender for Office 365 | Microsoft Security

Bermuda Microsystems can assist in preventing business email compromise, blocking most phishing emails and using tools like Teams and SharePoint Online to better deploy new users via the cloud. Additionally putting apps like QuickBooks, or document management in Azure saves on infrastructure costs. Backups can also go to Azure, with the added assurance that Microsoft’s O365 security in the cloud is well regarded – see customer story – Securing the cloud | Microsoft Story Labs

All of this helps our customers reduce time and expense troubleshooting issues that are on-premise versus in the cloud. Bermuda Microsystems Group is the right partner to choose to help get you there.

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