Dec 11

Need Storage for your Surveillance Footage?

Video surveillance has become an increasingly popular technology utilized by cities, organizations, governments and airports around the world. From simple miniature cameras to closed-circuit television and body cameras, video surveillance is being used in greater quantity and with higher expectations. For example, many international airports are now installing close to 20,000 cameras throughout their terminals. This system of surveillance has been crucial in crime prevention and public security and safety. However, it is also producing gigantic amounts of data daily.  It is estimated that worldwide within a single day, video surveillance systems are generating over 500 petabytes (PB) of data, with this number expected to increase as the technology evolves.

New regulations are also being implemented requiring surveillance footage to be retained for longer periods of time and in some cases indefinitely. Organizations and governments are struggling with the management and storage of potentially hundreds of high-resolution video streams. Traditional storage solutions may no longer be sufficient for the data deluge that is video surveillance.

So how can organizations and governments safely store this data? By choosing the Dell EMC Isilon.

Store, manage and protect your video surveillance data with efficiency and massive scalability. Dell EMC Isilon is the industry’s #1 family of scale-out network-attached storage systems designed for demanding enterprise file workloads. Choose from all-flash, hybrid and archive NAS platforms.

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