Nov 20

Minimalist, Modular and Versatile – Optiplex 7070 Ultra

The standard non-upgradeable all-in-one desktop PC is slowly becoming a legacy device. The main drawback is the tight integration of the main system behind the monitor or within the base of the monitor. Businesses often upgrade their all-in-one PC’s every 3 to 4 years as the desktop begins to show signs of age. The screen portion is usually fine however, the main PC may need to be updated. Dell has decided that this inconvenient process can easily be avoided.

Introducing the Optiplex 7070 Ultra.

The Optiplex 7070 Ultra is a fully modular, flexible, zero-footprint desktop solution. The new Ultra series features swappable components for enhanced configurability and performance. You can now upgrade the display and computing hardware separately, without the need to discard the entire system when you want to improve on processor power or higher resolution. The compact design is an appealing choice for those who crave a clean, future-ready, minimalist workspace.

Enhance your productivity and declutter your office with the new Optiplex 7070 Ultra.