Nov 20

Maximize Billable Hours with Dell Technologies

For attorneys the adage “time is money”, often serves as an accurate expression of their vocation. Law firms are acutely aware of the balancing act they must perform when prioritizing time for billable versus non-billable tasks.  And as workloads intensify many attorneys find their precious time squandered on assignments not associated with billable hours.

Technology has and will continue to be a key enabler for the success of any organization. Understanding the essential role of selecting the right technology can provide legal organizations with a competitive advantage when servicing clients. However, developing technological proficiency will require strategic planning to ensure that investments yield results.

Ideally expenditures made should follow 5 simple rules.

  1. Create an IT strategy focused on making your attorneys more productive. Any IT infrastructure chosen should be complementary and deliver value. 
  2. Purchase standards-based scalable technology. Naturally firms will require a range of software, but standardizing hardware purchases through a single supplier will ensure that hardware will be compatible and maintenance and support more efficient. The best vendor is a mainstream provider with proven solutions. 
  3. Expenditures made should prioritize security, with storage solutions being reliable for safeguarding critical client and business data.
  4. Invest in professional laptops that offer your attorneys the power to effortlessly work remotely.
  5. Devote resources to technology that will streamline and automate processes, allowing your organization to better serve clients.

In 2018 the legal industry made a record-setting $1 billion in technology investments.  As legal professionals recognize and leverage the unprecedented insight and capabilities that technology can deliver, billable hours will be maximized and efficiencies increased.

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