Jan 10

IT Operations Draining Budget? Free up Resources with Autonomous Infrastructure

Enterprise organizations would readily agree that the most significant resource drain when managing IT infrastructure revolves around the rollout, management and expansion of servers, storage and networking appliances.

The concept of self-deploying, self-provisioning and self-healing infrastructure has been discussed for many years. The term “autonomic computing” was coined by IBM to describe the need to shift the burden of managing IT systems from IT professionals to the systems themselves. Ultimately, the aim of AC is to develop computer systems capable of self-management that can overcome the rapidly growing complexity of computing systems, without the need for intervention on the part of IT staff.

Dell EMC has developed a solution that embraces the vision of autonomic computing. The Dell EMC PowerOne autonomous infrastructure integrates PowerEdge compute, PowerMax storage, PowerSwitch networking and VMware virtualization into a single system. These best of breed components are managed through an automation engine named the PowerOne Controller

The PowerOne Controller incorporates three elements designed for infrastructure automation:

  1. Launch Assist – The automation tool that simplifies the deployment and provisioning of compute, storage and networking resources, by reducing the required steps by 98%.
  2. Lifecycle Assist – Tracks and controls resources-infrastructure, change management, performance monitoring and advanced telemetry enabling organizations to proactively manage their server, storage and networking in a “hands off” fashion.
  3. Expansion Assist – Upgrade compute, storage and networking capacity in a targeted way by simply dropping in the appropriate module. No need to wait for the appropriate IT specialist to configure.

The Dell EMC PowerOne delivers real-world value to organizations by making IT operations more efficient through automation. Minimize the tasks draining your IT resources, and free up your IT personnel to focus on high value tasks that have an immediate and measurable impact on your business.

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