Nov 20

In Need Of A Telemedicine Solution?

The use of telemedicine closely parallels the rise of communication and information technologies. As the radio began revolutionizing communication in the early 1900’s, innovators began envisioning how physicians could attend to patients over this new device. In April 1924, Radio News Magazine ran a futuristic cover story titled “The Radio Doctor-Maybe!” with an illustration of a doctor attending to a patient via video call. By 1948, the first radiology images were sent 24 miles between two townships in Pennsylvania via telephone line. 71 years later the market for remote medical care has exploded.

A report by Doximity on telemedicine stated that in 2018 the global telemedicine market was valued at over $38.3 billion. By 2025, it’s projected that the market will exceed $130.5 billion. This outgrowth can be attributed to the healthcare industry searching for new ways to increase efficiency, especially as medical professionals are facing an explosion in chronic conditions, rapidly aging populations and a global shortage of medical personnel. Fortunately, these hurdles have coincided with the evolution of the internet and the development of technology infrastructure that can be utilized to remotely diagnose and treat patients anytime, anywhere.

Modern telemedicine presently offers a wide plethora of options. These can include patient consultations via video conferencing, virtual medical stations, transmission of still images, e-health patient portals, remote monitoring of vital signs, continuing medical education, consumer-focused wireless applications and nursing call centers, are just a few of the current options. In fact, the term telehealth is now being used to encompass the evolving menu of applications and services via IoT devices, wearables, and smartphones.

Digital technologies offer tremendous possibilities for the advancement of medical care. Healthcare is now more consumer centric than ever before, with care delivery and clinical outcomes that are more effective, accessible and efficient.

So how can your practice benefit from the use of telemedicine technologies? With Dell’s suite of products, software and services. Bermuda Microsystems Group can assist you in creating a roadmap for the construction of the ideal telemedicine/telehealth solution for your practice. We can identify the ideal computing infrastructure and software required to provide a seamless experience for your patients. Each solution will be a customized, turn-key offering installed by our engineers with decades of experience. BMG can also offer remotely managed security services for the storage and protection of your medical data to ensure the continuity of your services.

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