Nov 20

Governments Embrace the Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing continues to be a hot topic for government organizations looking to embrace the cost, flexibility and scalability of hosted computing services. However, the initial consideration for public, all-cloud solutions have tampered down.

The shift is now more focused towards a hybrid approach. So why the change in direction from a complete cloud migration in favor of a hybrid environment? The global research firm Gartner suggests that security, data privacy, regulatory requirements, vendor lock-in and data sovereignty are the main reasons government organizations are hesitant to embrace the public cloud. Also, some legacy applications aren’t built for the cloud. Gartner expects that due to these challenges, private cloud implementation will grow at twice the rate of public cloud adoption for government organizations through to 2021.

However, utilizing a hybrid approach can help bridge the gap between the two offerings. A hybrid solution can provide the high security features of a private cloud merged with the fast connection and easy-to-access features of the public cloud. Sensitive data and privacy concerns can be allayed, while also leveraging the rapid scale and elasticity of the public cloud.

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