Nov 20

Experiencing Difficulties Managing Unstructured Data?

The explosive growth of unstructured data is rapidly accelerating a data deluge that many enterprise organizations are finding worrisome, challenging to manage and if poorly controlled, expensive. Simply defined, unstructured data is any data that does not follow an ordered structure. Examples of unstructured data include images, videos, emails, text files, audio, sensor data, business applications and social media posts.

A recent study conducted by Datamation found that unstructured data makes up 80% of enterprise data with annual growth rates of between 55-65%. Unstructured data can provide a wealth of information. Unlocking the value of unstructured data can reveal patterns in customer behavior, highlight the most compelling products or services of your target market and prevent compliance issues by uncovering potential regulatory concerns.

Traditionally harnessing the value of this data has been difficult. However, with recent progress made in data analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms, organizations are now extracting actionable intelligence from the volumes of unstructured data in their possession. These workloads often require the extreme performance of an All-Flash storage solution.

Introducing the Dell EMC Isilon:

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