Nov 20

Digital Disruptors Gain an Edge with Dell Technologies

Over the past few years, technology has permanently altered several industries. Across multiple sectors, smaller startups have been enabled to disrupt the status quo by creatively employing technology to deliver new services and products.  New avenues of capturing and creating value are being created through bold innovation. According to the World Economic Forum, there is a potential $100 trillion reward at stake over the next ten years globally for society and industry. The WEF highlights, “The pace of innovation can be illustrated by the fact that, while it used to take Fortune 500 companies an average of 20 years to reach a billion-dollar valuation, digital startups are reaching the same milestone in just four years.”

Digital transformation is no longer a new concept. It is happening all around us. Stripe, Airbnb, Ant Financial (formerly Alipay), Wish and DoorDash are now textbook examples of digital disruptors. They’ve shunned the traditional methods of commerce and opted instead for a more personalized and bespoke experience for their customers.

In today’s turbulent and competitive economic climate, not enough businesses are awakening to the threat of savvy digital disruptors. Seizing the opportunity to embrace digital transformation and confidently adapting to change is what disruptors do best. What all disruptors have in common is that they are driven by novel thinking, finding new solutions to old problems and investing in technology. They utilize best in class technologies such as data analytics, cloud, machine learning, mobile, IoT and others to create innovations in their respective industries.

The success of these disruptors demonstrates that the opportunity to take market share away from less digitally focused companies is readily available with the right combination of ambition, creativity and technology.

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