Nov 20

Data Archiving Simplified

ar•chi•ving – The practice of maintaining a copy of data often in compressed form, on tape or disk for long-term storage.

Data has grown exponentially in the past couple of decades. There are now 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day with the pace accelerating as more devices and people come online. Data is not only growing in volume but also in importance.

Organizations are frequently being called upon to produce “old” information to validate practices and procedures, respond to legal challenges and meet the regulatory standards of their respective industry. From medical records to email to financial data, information must be retained and archived to keep businesses safe.

Many requests for archived information are expected to be produced within a specific timeframe. Preparing your organization to respond accordingly is crucial. Designing and implementing an archiving policy that stores data efficiently, is scalable and cost effective has never been easier.

4 Things to Address:

  1. Evaluate the data in your storage environment and discover if it is active or dormant.
  2. Understand how much data must be retained and for how long in order to maintain compliance with various regulations and industry practices.
  3. Calculate the anticipated volume of data growth.
  4. Plan where the data should reside based on its classification and intrinsic value to your organization.

BMG’s expert knowledge and approach to data archiving can save you time and money. Through a combination of Dell EMC standard and compliance-specific product offerings we will design an archiving solution that will store your data efficiently and safely while fitting within budget and operations. We understand that different organizations have different archiving demands and our approach allows you to tailor a strategy specific to your needs. This will allow your business to stay in compliance with the regulations that directly affect your industry.

Want to implement a data archiving solution that works smoothly? Inquire with us now.