Nov 20

Concerned About a Possible Data Breach?

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Data breaches have increasingly become a common occurrence within the past few years. Capital One, Canva, First American Corporation, Facebook and Zynga are just a few of the organizations that have fallen victim to these intrusions in 2019 alone. Cybercriminals are now selling and trading private data from hundreds of millions of individuals in underground forums.

The information stolen can encompass credit card details, health records, email addresses, passwords, social security numbers and other highly sensitive data. Stringent regulations regarding data privacy and protection are progressively being mandated by various governments. Businesses in every sector should expect to see more legislation within the data regulatory landscape. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) not only applies to organizations within the EU, but also enterprises in jurisdictions processing the personal data of EU subjects outside of its borders. In response to privacy concerns sparked by Google and Facebook’s handling of user data, many technology companies are also calling for the US federal government to enact a national law similar in composition to the GDPR.

The solutions implemented for compliance may vary according to the industry and size of an organization. Larger companies have several options for data protection and storage while small to medium sized organizations are often limited. For this post we will focus on the latter and the remote/branch offices.

To address the lack of options for smaller outfits, Dell EMC offers an integrated data protection appliance.

The Data Domain DD3300 delivers enterprise-class protection storage that you can trust in a compact, 2U protection storage appliance. The DD3300 is purpose built and ready to provide industry-leading backup, archiving, disaster recovery & long-term cloud retention.

The DD3300 is available in four configurations based on useable capacity – 4TB, 8TB, 16TB or 32TB. The DD3300 is also ideal for ROBO locations. The appliance provides network-efficient and encrypted replication from your remote office to the central data center. Less data will need to be transferred across the network with Dell EMC’s advanced deduplication. With the advanced dedupe and native cloud tiering the DD3300 can manage up to 4.8PB of logical capacity.

Key features:

  • Simple 2U appliance with a modern, intuitive UI through Data Protection software
  • Comprehensive data protection with leading deduplication and reliability
  • Grow-in-place capacity expansion up to 32TB 
  • Support for VTL over Fibre Channel
  • Licenses for DD Boost, DD Encryption & DD Replicator included in list price
  • Wide coverage of both enterprise and homegrown applications
  • Cloud-ready with support for Cloud Tier & Cloud Disaster Recovery
  • Multi-Site Scalability with network-efficient replication for ROBO use cases

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